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    Eva Cosmetics USA welcomes you to the complicated yet enigmatically attracting world of Beauty.
    We will help you reveal and use the ancient Egyptian beauty secrets of staying young, glamorous and wake the pure, powerful iconic beauty queen Cleopatra within you.



    Eva Cosmetics USA delivers the best products to your specific skin and hair type profoundly combining rarest blends of Nature’s ingredients with the heritage of centuries-old
    trusted world-wide respected Egyptian beauty knowledge.

    Did you know that scientists-egyptologists discovered ingredients, being used in modern cosmetology, in mummies more than 3000 years old? Nature is the key! Knowing that
    Milk nourishes, Honey rejuvenates, Aloe Vera strengthens is already a start to healthy & glowing skin and hair.
    But knowing how to combine the ingredients in order to deliver the effects you are looking for– whether it is hydration, anti-ageing, hair strength - takes professionalism involved
    but it’s all created for you and is in a jar, tube, ampoule by Eva Cosmetics.

    Eva Cosmetics USA catalog offers wide range of products selection for your particular needs. Here you will find:

    Skin Care Products
    Hair Care
    Hair Removal Creams
    Man Shaving Products
    Smokers Oral Care
    Sensitive Skin Care
    Body Care Products
    Gifts for Any Occasion
    Beauty Expert Advice

    Eva Cosmetics Skin Care offers natural personal care products, providing superlative and rarest natural ingredients to enrich peoples lives.
    Within "Eva Collagen Skin Clinic" products line we give you the latest anti- ageing solutions with the 3D Nano Absorption technology that works on:
    Surface: Natural Marine collagen moisturizes the skin and increases its elasticity while natural Acmella
    Flower extract increases firmness of the skin.
    Depth: Nano particles penetrate deeply into the skin cells carrying Vitamins which stimulate natural collagen production.
    Volume: Newly generated Collagen fills the wrinkle lines, leaving the skin looking younger.

    Our "Evasiline" products line provides dry skin with the care, softness and protection from the harsh weather conditions, especially in the seasons changing time, through the high
    dose of Vaseline, Glycerin, Vitamins and different other emollients and natural ingredients that it includes.

    "Eva Skin Care Family" offers solutions for all the types of skin, based on your primary needs; it offers hydrating, cleansing and softness effect required in a totally natural and
    effective way due to its natural ingredients.

    "Eva B-White" products line delivers the whitening effect required in a totally safe and effective way.

    Additional personal care products, such as foot care powder, black heads solution, rose water and more can be found in "Other by Eva" category.

    Our Hair Care category is represented by "eKeratin Hair Clinic" and "Aloe Eva" hair products line giving you solutions for beautiful, strong, shiny, manageable hair.

    Visit our Depilatories category to find hair removal creams with 100% unwanted hair removal even in early growth stages.

    "Man Look" products line offers natural shaving tools enriched with such active ingredients as mint - forextra freshness sensation and Aloe Vera - for antibacterial, soothing and
    moisturizing effects.

    To find effective teeth whitening product, helping remove nicotine, coffee and other origin teeth stains, please, proceed to our Smokers category.

    Eva Cosmetics USA Beauty Experts are here to answer your questions. You are welcome to visit the Beauty Tips category or contact Eva Cosmetics USA via phone, email or
    postal service for all related questions.

    For easier and faster relations between Eva Cosmetics USA and our clients we strongly encourage you to securely create an account with us by following "Create Account" link on
    the navigation menu. We realize that our customers trust us to protect their personal information and we are committed to ensuring that your information is secure.

    Our promise to you: Providing best affordable prices, high quality personal care products, fast shipping of your orders, best customer service.


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